Realistic ! Muslims don’t own Heavens


Hamaray hain Ya Hussain a.s

An inspirational touch ! Bravo

The Wolf and The Full Moon

Most of the time we think about our past and regret how remorselessly it has treated us and say ‘Wish it had never happened’. But since it has happened we have to accept it as a reality and try to find out some positive aspect in it. Remember! A person only finds what he has thought of before striving for. They say if you dig for stones you will get stones and if you dig for diamonds you’ll get diamonds. We can find a joy even in the most rueful moments of our lives. This joy may be because of a sacrifice which you have done for somebody else and it makes your inner gratified or it may be because you have practically known that losing what you had wished for was actually better for you than to achieve it.

On September 6 2010 I along with my friend (Hassan)…

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